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Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
Euro tour 2009

Bad Dogs Bites
On November 27th Graham Bonnet and his guys did a show in the Netherlands. The place to be was The Rock Temple in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. Finely Alcatrazz could be seen on the Dutch stages. The main question of course was if this man who has a respectable age would be able to sing the famous songs with the same power and vocals he used to do. But first the German band Bad Dogs Bites had the honour to be support band of Alcatrazz.

At 20:45 Bad Dogs Bites climbed the stage and started their show. Right from the start the band obviously wanted to make a real rock and roll party. Bad Dogs Bites does emit a lot of power and energy, that was quite clear from the first notes of the up tempo “Fate”. Fortunately the sound was superb. Singer Matthi has a great voice, he is able to sing with power and at the same time crystal clear; at the same time he also able to sing rather rough. “Slaves to the music” started jazzy and became a melodic hard rock with a superb solo by guitar player Sebi. On “I’ve got a feeling” the influences of the early Guns and Roses was audible; catchy riffs, great vocals, heavy bass sound great solo. After the show I spoke to Matthi; the band is mostly inspired by Motley Crue and Guns and Roses. “Best Regards” as one of the best songs of the gig; aggressive but still catchy with an amazing solo. With “Raise Your Hands” the band ended a show and the audience liked it a lot. A nice warming up for Alcatrazz.

After 45 minutes is was time for the great man everyone was waiting for. Howie Simon (guitars), Dave Dzialak (drums) and Tim Luce (bass) entered the stage and played the first notes of “Eyes of the World”. Soon after that Graham Bonnet climbed the podium and started to sing. What a voice this man has; a great performance of this evergreen. Almost 62 years old and still a huge power on stage. It reminds me of Ronnie James Dio. Bonnet praised Dio and hoped he will be in good health soon. Graham sings with his whole body; his sings from the top of his lungs. An amazing view on stage. The show turned out to be an evening of the best of Graham Bonnet. He has a band with great musicians; bass guitar player had to play a huge part of the show with only three strings; he did a great job. Guitar player Simon was superb; whether the original solo was from Malmsteen, Vai, Schenker or Blackmore; he played them all on a terrific way. After “Kree Nakoorie/Heroshima” and “Will You be Home tonight” the other former bands of Bonnet were performed; like “Desert Song” and “All Night Long”. After the break the audience was entertained with “Since You Been Gone” and “Lost in Hollyood”.

A terrific show; the audience went home very satisfied. One of the best shows of 2009.

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