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Persistence Tour 2009


Klokgebouw (Eindhoven - Netherlands)
Persistence Tour 2009

Folsom, Napalm Death, Death By Stereo, Walls of Jericho, Agnostic Front, Biohazard, No Turnig Back, Last Mile, Gama Bomb, Evergreen Terrace, Born From Pain, Ignite
On Sunday november 29 my brother Kojak and myself took the train to Eindhoven Beukenlaan. A small trainstation just before Eindhoven CS that’s mostly used by soccer supporters visiting a match from PSV Eindhoven. On this day and the day before, the station was the property of rockers/metalheads/hardcorekids/punks/skins and what have you. The nearby Klokgebouw was the venue that hosted 2009’s Speedfest on Saturday 28th and Persistence Tour on Sunday the 29th. Some guys I met who visited both days said there were about 4.000 people on Saturday and some 3.000 on Sunday.

The Klokgebouw is a great place for a festival such as this one. Conveniently arranged, enough places to get a drink, something to eat or just stroll through the merchandise. The venue had 2 stages on which 12 bands gave their best. The smaller Demolition Stage and the bigger Wrecker Stage.

Kojak saw Folsom and made some notes because i was a little too late (of course). He also shot the pictures and i tried to make some notes on the other bands. Have fun with this impression.

Folsom was the first band on the demoliton stage, the smallest of the 2. This small one was still so high and wide you’d almost have to be a professional acrobat to get to it. Folsom bring us a powerful boost of Las Vegas hardcore in the 20 minutes given to them. One thing becomes clear right away: the time schedule with 12 hardcore bands in a tight 7 hours and 15 minutes will give little room for improvised band initiatives. It’s not using a few songs to get warmed up, but straight in your face at once. Folsom does it well. Because I like Folsom, I immediately miss the first 10 minutes of Dutch pride No Turning Back.

No Turning Back
The first band on the big Wrecker Stage. NTB and Born From Pain are the only Dutch representatives today. NTB usually stand for a solid share of pure hardcore and today is no exception to that rule. Good songs, great sound and lots of energy on stage. They get the audience going but not so good as they wanted. Maybe because it’s still early and we’ve got a great bill today?

Last Mile
The timetable that could be found on the net showed the Crushing Caspars but the next band is Last Mile from Denmark. Metal-core with a shout and 3 vocalists!, good for the variation. I also very much liked the drumming, driving and ‘showing the way’ instead of ‘following. Their riffs reminded me a bit of Terror with a little more speed, SOD came to mind?! In spite of the fairly lame audience reaction, I guess they won a few souls today. Who knows what’s up ahead for these Vikings.

Walls of Jericho
WOJ is one of the few female fronted HC bands and probably the best known one in the world. Their metaloriented hardcore tastes great on a festival such as this. They’re the first band that gets a good response from the audience. Moshpits, circlepits and crowdsurfers, Candance Kucsulain controls them all. WOJ is a well-oiled warmachine that confirms it’s status. Impressive performance!

Gama Bomb
The 3rd band on the Demolition Stage is Gama Bomb. These 5 longhaired guys from Ireland that play trash/speed metal seem somewhat lost on this festival. I can’t talk for others but for me such a variation in bands is an important factor to make (or brake) a festvial. GB maybe different, as for their energy and enthusiasm they fit the bill perfectly. Great trash/speed with all the elements that made this type of music popular back in the ‘80’s. Steady and thriving background section, fast riffs, lots of solo’s, and a singer that shouts his lungs out. GB also get a good response from the audience. Their music brings back great memories from which I am rudely awakened by the timetable. Next up on the Wrecker Stage is Agnostic Front. We will definately hear more from GB and don’t know if that also counts for AF...

Agnostic Front
5 years ago AF would’ve closed this festival with a giant pit, walls of death and about 500 guys on stage singing along with ‘crucified’. Today there are 5 bands that play after AF...
Over the last 18 years i’ve seen AF about 7 times, every time with anoter setlist and another cast. Only steady factors are Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret. Stigma gets to do what he does best and likes the most, play guitar in a HC band. His enthusiasm is heartwarming and he sometimes looks like a 5-year old in a sandbox. I’ve got tons of respect for everthing he and Roger have done for the HC scene worldwide but after this show it’s clear for me. Roger has to stop singing in AF. Half of the time you can’t hear him and when you can hear him he only sings half of the original text. I know it’s his call to make, just hope he makes it sooner than later.
As for their today’s show? As every AF show it opens with a great intro and a few songs from the old days. After about ½ an hour the set gets a little sloppy. The show was OK but is that good enough for a band like AF? The audience didn’t seem to matter, according to the response they’re still very popular.

Death by Stereo
DBS, another band i’m not too familiar with. In fact, today we meet for the first time and it’s a good meeting. Great presentation and interaction with the public. The singer wears a bandana, just like Mike Muir from ST used to and has a few different voices in his aresenal. It contains a clean one, a screamy voice and a hardcore voice and he uses them all. For the rest DBS is a heavy swinging combo that prove their place on the bill.

Napalm Death
On this festival ND were the blackest sheep in the white flock. The last time I saw them was in 1990 and for about 50 minutes it seemed that time had stood still for 19 years. A lot of short fast songs with a grunt and a scream, blastbeats and the occasional midtempo deathmetal oriented song to grab some air before the next acceleration. ND played their set for a few hundres very enthusiastic fans. Most people however took the opportunity to grab something to eat, drink a few beers and visit the loo before the last 4 bands entered the stage(s). Even today I still don’t know if Barney’s just mad or some kind of ADHD-er that had a sugar boost before he entered the stage. He’s a true whirlwind and I doubt if he stood on the same place for longer than 3 seconds. Nevertheless, respect for their performance.

Evergreen Terrace
According to the number of T-shirts i’ve seen all day, ET were amongst the most favourite bands. Never heard a song from this 5-piece before and therefore had the chance to listen with an open-mind. Mostly guitar oriented metal-HC with several vocalists. No offence meant to the singer but i liked the parts where one of the guitarplayers sang better than his singing parts. Also a great presentation and enough interaction. Surprising to say the least.

And then it’s time for Biohazard from Brooklyn NY and they’ll make sure that everyone in the venue knows who’s on stage. The original line-up brings us an energetic hour of jumpdafuckaround metal-HC and the best response from the audience so far. Their live act hasn’t lost one inch of strenght in the last 19 years and still... they’ll never be my favourite band. Not fast enough for me I guess and their ego’s with the size of the Empire State Building also don’t help.

Born from Pain
BFP close the Demolition Stage and from start to finish they show why. i’ve used the term warmachine earlier on and i’ll use it again for this band. Slow parts are alternated with mosh parts and fast parts to keep it tasty for everyone. Besides that they’ve got a great frontman who’s both involved and sincere and urges the audience to keep thinking for themselves and not just follow their leaders like headless sheep. By far the best audienceresponse of this stage and again a confirmation of their status. Great show!

The headliner of today is truly the headliner. A professional show with the best response, period. Ignite’s strenght is that they appeal to all sorts of people. Not just the HC kids but also punx, rockers, skins, metalheads and hell I even know some ‘normal people’ that like Ignite. The voice of Zoli certainly contributes to that strength. For me his voice is one of the best, together with John Cash and Mike Ness. Zoli turns the attention around a few times when he wants the lights on the audience instead of on the band.
But Ignite.... know your history... every Ignite album is a good one. Why only play the songs from the last 2 albums? Especially when you see the response on the 2 golden oldies they played. Combined with a setlist that hasn’t changed much over the last 2 years and the automatic pilot lies in wait....

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