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Jorn Lande


Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
European tour 2009

Cooper Inc.
Support act was the Dutch/German band Cooper Inc. This band released in 2009 their second cd “Pulling the Trigger”, a melodic hard rock album. On 20:10 Cooper Inc climbed the stage and from the beginning on the sound was great. Almost all songs were from the “Pulling the Trigger” album. When the band opened with “The Row” the show promised to become a melodic hard rock party with Journey and Rainbow influences. Powerful and bluesy vocals (John Cuijers), great solo’s (Christian Tolle), straight rhythm foundation (Hans in ‘t Zand on drums and Matthias Rethmann on bass guitar) and melodic songs. The sound of the catchy “Rain” was a little bit less in comparison with the start of the concert. The title song “Pulling the Trigger” was quiet commercial. The other side of Cooper Inc was shown by the up tempo “Rock my World”; superb solos and a real rock and roll ending. The slow tempo bluesy “Who gives you the Right” was sampled by keyboards; the performance was great; Hans in ‘t Zand turned out to be a great singer. Cuijper had some trouble with “Let me Out”; his vocals were over the top. The best song was “Voices Within”; an amazing performance that showed the possibilities of the band. After “Never let it Go” Cooper Inc cleared the stage for Jorn.

At 21:20 the lights were dimmed and the opening sound of Jorn busted from the speakers followed by the heavy hard rock song “Road of the Cross”. Both the band and the audience knew this would be a great evening. Jorn appeared to be having a great time and had a huge connection with the audience. Bass player Nic Angileri is one of the few bass guitar players who move all the time. Together with Tore Moren (guitar), Tor Erik Myhre (guitar) and Willy Bendiksen (drums) Jorn stands for a heavy hard rock evening with high quality hard rock songs. The heavy “We Brought the Angels Down”, the slow tempo “Man of the Dark” and the amazing Thin Lizzy cover “Are You Ready” were all performed superb.

The show had two guitar solos; the technical solo of Tor Moren and the more emotional solo of Tor Erik Myhre; last solo was obvious influenced by Michael Schenker. The drum solo completed the show. After the Thin Lizzy cover the band went off the stage and the audiences went crazy. Fortunately the band returned on stage and played one of the best versions of the Deep Purple over “Stormbringer”. Amazing!!

After the heavy “War of the World” Jorn ended a marvellous show that takes almost 1:45 hour. The band thanked the audience of the Rock Temple but the audience wanted more. Jorn didn’t return for a second time but still the people could look back to a remarkable evening of heavy classical hard rock with great vocals and superb musicians.

Long live Jorn!

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