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Rock Temple (Kerkerade - Netherlands)
Euro Tour 2010

Friday July 23rd UFO played at The Rock Temple in Kerkrade (The Netherlands). This time there was no support act; just UFO. The question was if UFO should play songs of the last album’ The Visitors’.
Well I be short about that, this night will be a trip to the past with lots of evergreens. Most songs are from the period of the famous Stranger in the Night period. Both the crowd as the band didn’t matter; the band has obviously a great time as well the crowd. It was rather funny to see the band play in a rather small music hall. There was a great interaction between the audience and the band. The only exception was Paul Raymond; he did his thing but it wasn’t rather clear whether he had a great time or not. From the first riffs of “Let it Roll” the show was put.
Vinny Moore did a great job, just like Peter Pichl (bass). The enthusiasm of Peter was great. Phill had a good voice (he lubricates his throat with water) and Andy was drumming well. From the Visitor album “Saving Me” and Hell Driver” were played. Although the performance was great, the older songs were what the audience was waiting for like “Mother Mary”; Out In the Streets” and “Only You can Rock Me”. During the guitar solo of “Love to Love” Vinny and Peter played with the guitars on the back of the neck; Vinny even played his guitar with teeth. With “Lights Out” the band ended the first part of the show.

After a short break and a lot of noise from the audience the band climbed the stage again and Vinny played the riffs of “Rock Bottom”. This night Vinny played the best performance I ever heard of him; a huge solo with a lot of emotions. The second part of the song wasn’t played. After the obligate “Doctor, Doctor” the band played an extra song “Shoot Shoot”, a special request from someone in the audience. After almost 2 hours the people went home satisfied.
Let it Roll
Mother Mary
Saving Me (Visitor)
Out In the Street
This Kids
Cherry (Obsession)
Only You Can Rock Me
Hell Driver (Visitor)
Love to Love
Aint no Baby (Obsession)
Too Hot to Handle
Light Out
Rock Bottom
Doctor Doctor
Shoot Shoot

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