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Vanden Plas


The Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
German Metal Evening

Rock Ignition, Symphorce, At Vance, Vanden Plas, The Smack Ballz
On Saturday January 29th 2010 five German metal bands were programmed for the German Metal Evening in The Rock Temple in Kerkrade (The Netherlands). On the bill were Rock Ignition, Symphorce, At Vance, Vanden Plas and The Smack Ballz.

At 16:45 there were quite a few people in The Rock Temple despite the early start of the evening. At 17:00 Rock Ignition climbed the stage. The band with the beautiful front lady Heather Shockley (great vocals) proved on stage to be a solid melodic hard rock band. With catchy songs, great singing, melodic guitar solos (Guido van den Brink) and a lot of fun they entertained the audience. The band even had a background singer.
The singing in the chorus sound great on the EP and luckily the band proved to live up to the high expectation. The vocals of Jürgen Steinmetz are worth mentioning; powerful and very high. Most song of the EP ‘I can’t resist’ were play as well the last video clip “Tell Me”. With “Streets of NY” they finished their gig. A great opening of the evening.

Almost on schedule Symphorce started the first tones of their show. It was the 1st show in 4 years; the band obviously enjoyed being on stage again. The humor of front man Andy B. Franck and the enthusiasm of the band made the show a very pleasant gig. The band played songs of the ‘Unrestricted’ album and the ‘Become Death’ album. After the bombastic intro the tones of “The Eternal” came out of the boxes; a heavy song with great singing. It seemed the start of a solid show with the powerful vocals of Andy B. Franck, great guitar solos Markus and straight bass playing and drumming. The performance of “The Eternal “,”In the hope of a dream”, “Until it’s over” and “Condemned” was great. With “Nowhere” the band played the last song of their show. Symphorce is back again, that is for sure.

Due to a technical problem At Vance started their show almost half an hour later than planned. This delay didn’t do anything good to singer Rick Altzi. The first half of the show it seemed to be more an obligation for him then pleasure. The contact with the audience was not that great. The gig started with the title song of the new record (Ride the Sky); this was the only song of this new release. On “The evil in you” Altzi proved to be a great singer, a worthy substitute of Mats Levén. Bass player John Smith and Olaf Henk had several fast guitar fights; the trade mark of the band. After up-tempo songs like “Fallen Angel” and “Heart of Steel” the band played “Chained” strengthened by guess singers and a little laser show. After “only Human” Altzi got a better contact with the crowd. After the fast “Right or wrong” the band finished their show with the cover “Stand up and Shout” (DIO). In comparison of the other bands the performance of At Vance was the least impressive.

Soon after the stage was cleaned up the guys of Vanden Plas themselves build the stage. At 21:50 the people finally got what they were waiting for, an almost sold out Rock Temple was waiting for Vanden Plas. The band started the show with a musical medley of several songs that was followed by “Postcard to God”, the beginning of a great show. Andy Kuntz asked the audience to show their hands a lot of times during the show. Sometimes it is a bit irritating. It is the point of criticism. The band had a great time, the performance was impressive. Of course there were several songs played of the last album The Seraphic Clockwork’ like “Holes in the Sky” and “Frequency”. “Silently” (Christ 0-album) was very heavy, “Far off Grace” impressive with great vocals, many changes of rhythms and superb solo’s by Stephan Lill and Günter Werno; Andreas Lill was drumming straight with some little drum solo’s. Torsten Reichert did the thing he had to, he took care of a solid bass foundation. With the superb “Rainmaker” en “Christ 0” Vanden Plas ended a great song.

After the show half of the audience went home while the final band even had to build the stage. Even when the guys of Vanden Plas and the crew of the Rock Temple hadn’t cleaned the stage The Smack Ballz were ready to start their gig. Armed with only a flying V guitar (guitar player DirtyP), a drum kid consisting out of a wooden box, a hi hat and a ride cymbal (drummer FunkyK, what a great performance!)and an accordion (player SmallT) the band had the doubtfully honor to play after the great show of Vanden Plas. For all the people that went home already they missed a great gig, a real metal party. Covers of Kiss )”Love Gun”), Metallica (“Master of the Puppets”), Dio (“Holy Diver”), Rainbow (“Long Live Rock and Roll”)and Iron Maiden (“Fear of the Dark”) with a huge Dickinson (Scream for me Kerkrade). Absolutely worth waiting for. These guys know how to entertain an audience.

The German Metal evening was a great success with many good performances, a show less good performed and many satisfied people. A great event in a rather small but quite successful concert hall; The Rock Temple in Kerkrade. Long live metal.

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