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013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Disturbed Tour

The Zico Chain
It’s not an ordinary Saturday in september this time. Not only the temperature is above 24°C but also some great bands will be playing 013 tonight. Although I have caught a cold and experiencing some earache, I can’t wait to get inside. Many people are thinking the same I guess, because the concert was planned earlier this year, but got prosponed to today. But nevertheless, the gig is completely sold out.

For starters I was amused by a band called "The Zico Chain", until now unknown to me. This three man formation consists of Chris Glithero (vocals/base), Paul Frost (guitars) and Ollie Middleton (drums). The intention of this band is to bring some more life into British rock. And I must say, they do! A mixture of different styles can be discovered in this band. A little bit of Motörhead-like sounds with a British accent and some Beatles-like influence. Sounds pretty cool, and as I could see it was warming up the crowd very good!

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Next up was Nevermore... Well,.. from my oppinion, this band could also be ‘the first headliner’, because it just ROCKS. It’s almost impossible to deny there quality when you imagine that their concept album was compared by critics to the Operation Mindcrime album of Queensryche.
I am convinced that lots of people came to 013 escpecialy to see Nevermore. I heard a couple of young girls saying when I was setting up for picturetaking: “I can’t believe were going to see them”. All people realy got mad when they started playing the song called Narcosynthesis. Very deep sounds filled the place. A real good sound and good mix by the PA-people. Also the song Enemy’s of Reality and I voyage from the album Enemy’s of Reality were played, along with other tracks from the older great albums.
Unfortunately they had to stop and make way for the last act, but with a shouting, screaming and whisling crowd (even a girl flashed to express her appreciation) they left the stage.

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Last act of the evening was ofcourse Disturbed. The excitement grew when the lightshow started and intro music was playing. Crowd just went insane when they started playing and when David Draiman (vocals) came on stage. Immediatly I recognized their distinctive deep and ritmic sound. Great!

Ten Thousand fists, Land of Confusion, Shout, are just a few of the songs they played. According to David, there was too much time between the last time they came to the Netherlands. He even mentioned the change in behavior of the public. He remembered the people high on weed last time he was in Holland, but now everyone appears to be on cocain instead, seeing the energy of the public, according to David.

Befor playing the last 2 song, some interaction with the audience on the balcony was done. If they would not shout hard enough,...Disturbed would stop playing. But fortunately they kept playing. Last song was Down with the Sickness.

for pics.

Overall... Sound was good, lights were good, bands were amazing. A little high temperature in the building made everybody sweat bigtime, but it was worth it!!!


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