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In Extremo


013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
In Extremo 2007

By entering 013 tonight, I went through a time machine that send me back to medieval times, the time of warfare and music. In this case with a nice metal touch.
Picture yourselve into a large field battle like the ones in the famous movie ‘Braveheart’.

To begin this travel though time, Thronar hit the stage. “Lads.... Grab your swords and join us into battle”, was the feeling I got with this band.
This Dutch band plays ‘battle metal’. And with some imagination you can even feel the drive of going into battle with them. Fully dressed in old battle clothing, and with their faces marked as wariours of that time, they started playing. With a deep grunting voice and heavy guitar work they played their songs. Lots of epical and bombastic metal material is in their songs, which I enjoyed pretty much I have to say. It didn’t always hit the spot exactly because the drummer sometimes was in trouble keeping up his own feet while handling the double bass, and the solo guitarist sometimes just couldn’t keep up, but it sure was a nice peformance and a real good starter to heat things up for the next band.

Click here for pictures of Thronar.

This was of course In Extremo. This seven person German band that has his origin in Berlin. Unfortunately the fire departments in Tilburg wouldn’t alow the band using fire and explosions (suckers!) so that draged some of the fun away. But even bound with this restrictions, In Extremo was capable of giving the audience a perfect show.
In their songs, lots of medieval influences can be found. That’s also because they have like a fortune worth of medieval antique instruments. These instruments give their songs a distinctive sound, which I think is quite unique. I dont know what the name of every instrument is, but I know I saw many ‘bagpipe like’ instruments, flutes, ‘violin like things’ and drums. Even an old harp was used. But along with that a guitar, bass and drums completed the band.
With all those instruments, it was a variaty of sounds, with a nice metal tweak.
Some little breaks between songs were there, but I guess tuning those old instruments takes a little more time than most instruments nowadays. But it never was disturbing. Also the lyrics of some songs were sung in an old Germanic language. Completely impossible to understand for me, but actualy sounding pretty good.
On stage it seemed just one big musical party, with bandmembers lining up and circling around as a group and stuff.
Lots of songs were played actualy, but you have to check the setlist for the actual names.

Click here for pictures of In Extremo.

Concluding this evening, I have to say, it was a pleasant suprise to be there. Getting moved into a whole different world of music with different instruments. From the reactions I got from the audience after the show, it just was a wonderfull evening. Can’t wait to see them back on an outdoor festival again where they can go crazy with fire, explosions and stuff.

1. Spielmann
2. Ihr Allein
3. Spielmannsfluch
4. Hiamali Tempore
5. Wind
6. Horizont
7. Wessebronner
8. Erdbeermund
9. Ai Vis Lo Loop
10. Ave Maria
11. Kuss Mich
12. Rotes Haar
13. Raue See
14. Omnia Sol Temperat
15. Herr Mandalig
16. Vollmond
17. Mein Rasend Herz
18. Liam
19. Poc Vecem
20. Vänner och Frände
21. Villemann

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