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Marios Metal Mania fest


013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
MMM Fest 2008

Courageous, Artic Flame, Shadowkeep, Wolf, Vicious rumors
On november the 9th it was time for the second edition of Marios Metal Mania fest in 013 Tilburg. The line up was not a real suprise because at MMM we always get real metalbands with an old school vibe. And with Artic Flame, Shadowkeep, Wolf and Vicious Rumors this was an impressive line up.

The only band with a more modern sound was Courageous. Hailing from Germany this band opened MMM fest 2 and they did a good job. Their music can be described as a combination of Nevermore and Kamelot. Heavy, tough guitarwork combined with vocal harmonies where needed. Melodic thrash and sometimes effective mid tempo. Their singer sounded really agressive and melodic at the same time. With only 30 minutes there set was short and with The system has failed and Hollow Creation we got some good thrash songs. An own version of Yellow Submarine ended this good gig despite some sound problems.

Second band were from the USA. Artic Flame is the name and epic heavy metal is their game. Although the band is adequate at what they do it wasn't impressive to me. Standard metal with a good guitarist and singer but not great. Nice to hear once in a while and with 45 minutes this set ended not to my disappointment.

Shadowkeep was next and I had high expectations because their albums are good and their new one The Hourglass Effect is even better. But after a few songs it was clear the singer wasn't that good. Afterwards I heard he had a cold that ended with a throat infection but it was better when he had told the audience.
Anyway. The band played a shorter set because of their sick singer and only songs from The Hourglass Effect and musically it was top notch. Great guitarleads/riffs and a very good rhythm section were more than enough to convince the audience. I don't know why there was a keyboard player on stage because I couldn't hear him but that was probably due to the not so great sound.

Next were the two headliners of the festival. First Swedish Wolf kicked off in their normal fashion. Loud and heavy and with a great sound they were enjoyable to see and hear. Very energetic band and with the live experience they got that wasn't a suprise. Decent heavy metal, not too technical but effective as hell. A just co-headliner for this festival thats for sure.

Last band to take the stage were Vicious Rumors. Last time I saw them they had another lead singer James Rivera but he left the band already. Newcomer was Ronnie Stixx who played MMM last year with Divine Ruins. Now a year later he is the new frontman of Vicious Rumors and this man fits the bill perfectly. Much better than his predecessors because I've seen them in almost every reincarnation but Ronnie is the best one up to now since the late Carl Albert.
Great sound, good setlist and this is how a well oiled metal machine must sound. They certainly convinced me without too much trouble. Great headliner and when this band plays in your neighbourhood go and check them out. You won't get disappointed. No way.

This second edition of MMM 2 was a good opportunity to hear some new metalbands and catch a few old ones. Unfortunately the first three bands had a mediocre sound in comparison to last year. But they took my complain serious about the lack of food last year because there was actually some food available. Unfortunately it was gone after a few hours so I was forced to sit this edition out on a beer diet, again.
What I didn't like at this years edition was the way we were kicked out of the venue. Within an hour after VR stopped playing people were removed pretty rude from the venue. In my book not a way to treat paying customers.

A big thank you to Mario for his hospitality and we will be there next year.


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