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Flotsam Jetsam


Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
European tour 2009

Thrash veterans Flotsam & Jetsam paid Holland a small visit during their European Tour 2009. In Kerkrade in a venue called the Rock Temple to be exact. A very nice small venue which has the advantage to be located near the Belgium and German border. So besides some Dutch bangers also German and Belgium metalheads were present.

Before F&J started to crank out a few songs Dutch metallers Martyr warmed up the crowd. This Dutch band emerged in the eighties and after a few reunion shows they decided to continue. Martyr is a heavy metal band, nothing more nothing less. Martyr has a very active singer and besides that they play some good music too. Unfortunately their setlist contained some mediocre songs and after a few mid-tempo songs I like to hear something up-tempo. With a more balanced set Martyr can compete with quite a few other bands. Funny enough Martyr's singer is the original one Rop van Haren with who they never recorded an album exept for the new MCD. If you like good played heavy metal with an excellent and energetic singer than Martyr is a must to see.

After this warm-up or cool down because the singer from Martyr was emptying waterbottles all the time, the stage belonged to FLotam & Jetsam. I saw them at the KIT show in 2008 and was wondering what kind of set they would play. For the F&J fans it was good to hear that they played material from all of their releases. Pretty heavy stuff. Classics that were among them: Hammerhead, Hard on You, I live you die, Doomsday for..., Escape from Within. Eric A.K. is still a very good singer but I think that on guitar the band needs some fast shredder because I missed much of the old shred solo's that characterized the old songs. All in all Flotsam & Jetsam still knows how to perform and convince the crowd of their abilities. I got also the impression that most people came to hear the old stuff so maybe it could be wise when F&J put some more in their setlist. I don't like to be negative but maybe their survival as a band could depend on it.

Besides these critical notes I enjoyed myself nevertheless and a special thanks goes out to the soundman of the Rock Temple. Great sound during both bands.

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