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The Rock Temple (Kerkrade - Netherlands)
European tour 2009

On Monday September 14th the Rock Temple in Kerkrade was nice crowded. All men came for one reason: The Michael Schenker Group. The Dutch Band Diggeth had the honour to start the evening.

Diggeth is a band at plays a mix of southern rock and blues. The sound was good and they were having a good time. From the first song “One more Yesterday” to the last one “21st Century Nomads” Diggeth proves to be a good live band. Sometimes heavy with double base drums and heavy guitar solo’s than again subtle; but always with a heavy sound. “Ramshackle Blues” is a song that starts slowly but has a lot of fireworks at the end. A real live-song.
After half an hour the show was over and all members of Diggeth were busy to clean the stage for MSG.

I’ve seen MSG several times; at the 25th anniversary Jari Tiura was singer of MSG. Nowadays the first singer Gary Barden is back behind the microphone. Barden voice has lots of scars of his years of singing and parties. Although Jari is a better singer, Barden fits a lot more with the band. An other less positive point was the volume of the guitar of Schenker, sometimes the sound of Schenker was almost drowned by the slash guitar.
Nevertheless the band showed a lot of enthusiasm and gave the audience a real hard rock party. Schenker had a great times him selves, he even smiled a couple of times. For me it was the first time I saw him having a great time on stage.
All great hits were played; most of them were coming from MSG and MSG II. Especially “Into the Arena” and “Lost Horizons” were performed superb. After a short break the cd filler “Dance Lady Gypsy” (fortunately a short song) was followed by the up tempo “Rock Bottom” with an amazing solo. After the second break the band returned on stage with “Doctor Doctor”. The audience had a great evening at the Rock Temple and went home satisfied.

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