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Band:    Arnhem Metal Meeting
Support:    Arch Enemy, Thronar, Ancient Rites, Aeturnus, General Surgery, Flesh Made Sin, Pungent Stench, Antaeus, Moonsorrow, Necrophobic, Skyforger, Tankard, Anathema, Immolation
Tourname:    Arnhem Metal Meeting 2006
Venue:    Musis Sacrum (Arnhem - Netherlands)
Date:    2007-12-09
Publish date:    2007-01-01 14:09:11
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Band:    Die Apocalyptische Reiter
Support:    Natron Rotting Faith
Tourname:    Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Venue:    Baroeg (Rotterdam - Netherlands)
Date:    2007-12-03
Publish date:    2007-01-01 13:58:05
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Band:    The Dreamside
Support:    Manthikoras Seraphique
Tourname:    Dreams in Darkness
Venue:    Manifesto (Hoorn - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-12-02
Publish date:    2007-01-01 13:56:34
Info:    Satyrian was replaced by the Dreamside
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Band:    Iron Maiden
Support:    Trivium Lauren Harris
Tourname:    Iron Maiden Live and Death tour 2006
Venue:    Brabanthallen (Den Bosch - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-27
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:58:07
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Band:    Novembers Doom
Support:    Thurisaz Saturnus Agalloch
Tourname:    Novembers Doom
Venue:    Plato (Helmond - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-17
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:56:33
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Band:    UFO
Support:    Vengeance
Tourname:    UFO Monkey Puzzle tour 2006
Venue:    013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-16
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:52:20
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Band:    Amon Amarth
Support:    Tyr Wintersun
Tourname:    Amon Amarth 2006
Venue:    Boogalo (Zagreb - Croatia)
Date:    2006-11-08
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:48:07
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Band:    Napalm Death
Support:    Mendeed Born from Pain
Tourname:    Napalm Death Smear Campaign tour 2006
Venue:    De Effenaar (Eindhoven - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-06
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:46:40
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Band:    Cradle Of Filth
Support:    Deathstars
Tourname:    Cradle of Filth Thornography tour 2006
Venue:    013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-12
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:44:00
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Band:    Tankard
Support:    Outburst, Scornage
Tourname:    Tankard
Venue:    Patronaat (Haarlem - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-11-11
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:42:07
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Band:    Keep It True VII
Support:    Messenger, Artic Flame, Warhammer, Wolf, Onslaught, Ross the Boss, Heir Apparent
Tourname:    Keep It True VII november 2006
Venue:    Sporthalle (Dittigheim - Germany)
Date:    2006-11-04
Publish date:    2006-12-01 14:40:22
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Band:    Dutch Doom Days
Support:    Saturnus, Reverend Bizarre, The Gates of Slumber and others
Tourname:    Dutch Doom Days V 2006
Venue:    Baroeg (Rotterdam - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-10-28
Publish date:    2006-11-01 16:06:11
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Band:    Delain
Support:    The Legion of Hetheria
Tourname:    Delain
Venue:    De Helling (Utrecht - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-10-18
Publish date:    2006-11-01 16:02:55
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Band:    The Gathering
Support:    Grizzly
Tourname:    The Gathering
Venue:    Patronaat (Haarlem - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-10-14
Publish date:    2006-11-01 16:01:26
Info:    Rescheduled due to illness (previous date: 25th of May 2006)
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Band:    Sleutelrock
Support:    Sphere of Souls, Pleurisy, Detonation, Callenish Circle, Sinister
Tourname:    Sleutelrock 2006
Venue:    De Peuk (Valkenburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-09-30
Publish date:    2006-11-01 15:49:23
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