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Band:    Tilburg Headbangers Fest
Support:    Ceremony of Opposites Chainsaw Foretold Methusalem Red Dragon Martyr Mystery Blue Pentacle
Tourname:    Tilburg Headbangers Fest 2006
Venue:    Cafe Extase (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-09-30
Publish date:    2006-10-02 10:23:35
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Band:    Transentience
Tourname:    Tryout Show
Venue:    Ijsbreker (Leusden - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-09-24
Publish date:    2006-10-02 10:16:47
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Band:    Disturbed
Support:    Nevermore The Zico Chain
Tourname:    Disturbed Tour
Venue:    013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-09-23
Publish date:    2006-10-02 10:15:25
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Band:    Swordbrothers Festival
Support:    Phenix Influence Stormrider Ravage Ram Solemnity Deadly Blessing Attacker
Tourname:    Swordbrother Festival IV 2006
Venue:    Juz Live CLub (Andernach - Germany)
Date:    2006-09-16
Publish date:    2006-10-02 10:06:24
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Band:    Omen
Support:    Hyades Phantom X
Tourname:    Omen European Tour 2006
Venue:    Biebob (Vosselaar - Belgium)
Date:    2006-09-08
Publish date:    2006-10-02 09:55:21
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Band:    Týr
Support:    Thronar Natan Eluveitie Heidevolk
Tourname:    Pagan Viking Festival
Venue:    Het Kasteel (Alphen aan de Rijn - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-09-01
Publish date:    2006-09-02 14:43:20
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Band:    Morbid Angel
Support:    Sauron Visceral Bleeding Severve Torture Skinless
Tourname:    Morbid Angel
Venue:    013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-08-20
Publish date:    2006-09-02 14:09:12
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Band:    Dokkum Open Air
Tourname:    Dokkum Open Air 2006
Venue:    Dokkum (Dokkum - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-08-12
Publish date:    2006-09-02 14:01:23
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Band:    Suffocation
Support:    Devious Obscura
Tourname:    Suffocation
Venue:    Baroeg (Rotterdam - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-08-18
Publish date:    2006-09-02 13:52:04
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Band:    Obituary
Support:    Death By Dawn
Tourname:    Obituary
Venue:    Burgerweeshuis (Deventer - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-06-27
Publish date:    2006-09-02 13:47:36
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Band:    Headbangers Open Air
Support:    Metal Law, Viron, Overdrive, Brian Ross (Satan), Master, Ivory Tower, Powervice, Order Of Nine, Sheavy, Marty, Icarus Witch, Korpiklaani, Holy Moses, Powerslave, Tales Of Horror, Chain Reaction, Trinakrius, Miles Beyond, Pyramaze, Metal Inquisitor, Ulysses Siren, Praying Mantis, Metal Church, Girlschool, Blitzkrieg
Tourname:    Headbangers Open Air 2006
Venue:    (Brander-Hörnerkirchen - Germany)
Date:    2006-07-14
Publish date:    2006-07-23 20:10:47
Info:    The biggest gardenparty in the world
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Band:    Y&T
Support:    SQY Rocking Team
Tourname:    Worldtour 2006
Venue:    013 (Tilburg - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-06-29
Publish date:    2006-07-23 17:04:01
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Band:    Stream of Passion
Support:    Dragonfly
Tourname:    Summertour 2006
Venue:    de Kade (Zaandam - Netherlands)
Date:    2006-07-06
Publish date:    2006-07-21 16:10:24
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