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Band:    Ulysses
Person:    Sylvester Vogelenzang
Title:    having fun is the most important part for us
Publish date:    2010-05-01 10:39:16
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Band:    Andromeda
Person:    Johan
Title:    We are working on a new album now
Publish date:    2010-03-02 16:50:32
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Band:    Transatlantic
Person:    Neal Morse
Title:    The whirlwind is not a concept album
Publish date:    2009-12-02 10:13:53
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Band:    Enochian Theory
Person:    Ben
Title:    We are out there doing things independently
Publish date:    2009-12-02 10:12:45
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Band:    Redemption
Person:    Nicholas van Dyke
Title:    Redemption songs are about human frailty
Publish date:    2009-10-01 23:40:13
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Band:    Cage
Person:    Sean Peck
Title:    The live reviews have been great
Publish date:    2009-07-01 22:18:16
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Band:    UFO
Person:    Vinnie Moore
Title:    when I play I just improvise
Publish date:    2009-06-01 11:18:06
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Band:    The Gathering
Person:    Frank Boeijen and Silje Wergeland
Title:    We must call the factory, this can't be right
Publish date:    2009-05-02 16:26:58
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Band:    Serenity
Person:    Georg Neuhauser
Title:    within 3 hours the work was done
Publish date:    2009-05-02 16:25:21
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Band:    Delain
Person:    Martijn Westerholt
Title:    I always have the last words
Publish date:    2009-05-02 16:22:43
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Band:    Svarttjern
Person:    Hans Fyrste
Title:    Hail Chaos
Publish date:    2009-05-02 16:20:16
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Band:    Lion's Share
Person:    Lars Chriss
Title:    I am a control freak
Publish date:    2009-04-01 13:30:58
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Band:    Derek Sherinian
Person:    Derek Sherinian
Title:    the songs I write don’t have a story
Publish date:    2009-04-01 13:29:48
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Band:    The Devil's Blood
Person:    The Devil's Blood
Title:    True music with true spirituality
Publish date:    2009-02-01 11:47:40
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Band:    Kampfar
Person:    Dolk
Title:    Heimgang is the most honest album so far
Publish date:    2009-01-31 23:53:55
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