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Date: 2006-10-02 10:32:38
At first I want to congratulate you with the new album Love & Destruction. Could you maybe introduce yourself to the readers of Digital-Steel?

Thanks dude. I am Marius, the lead guitarist of the band.

Hey, Marius with the new album you make an incredible progress since your last one. Is this because of the many shows you did?

Well, that and the fact that the line-up was a bit different than on the first album. Tony’s voice had progressed a lot too. Keep in mind that the band took a long time to write the material before they went into recording. (I joined the band as they commenced studio work on Love and Destruction)

And how did the recording of Love and Destruction go?

There was some trouble in the mixing process, because some of the other instruments leaked onto the drum track. So we lost a lot of time figuring out how to overcome this. The band chose a quite expensive studio to record drums, bass and basic guitars, which probably wasn’t so wise since pressure arose to complete said tracks as fast as possible due to financial issues. The result was that we had to “fix” a snare hit or a cymbal splash in the mixing process, and that was not easy considering that the other instruments had leaked onto the drum microphones. There were also some scheduling issues arising when Tony found himself recording vocals for another group he`s in (wobbler) at the same time as our`s , but it all came out OK and we are most of all pleased to see the fuckin’ thing finished so we can move on…

When I listen too your album the production isn’t that perfect. It does not blow you away as I expect from such an album. Are you satisfied with the result or do you prefer a better one next time?

As discussed in the above, the sound is a result of the problems we encountered. But Hugo did a good salvage job, and I think the vocalmix is fantastic so it isn’t all bad. I will champion a live approach next time we record because I think too much layering sounds lame. We will not fall into the same trap next time around, my friend!

Now you are with Massacera Records is it different working than with your last label Facefront?

As far as I know, we`ve been on Massacre the whole time. Facefront did the distribution in Norway. Massacre seems cool enough though… They were cool with us when we delayed the release several times due to said problems, but they never got around to send us any copies of Love and Destruction nor Demons and Diamonds to sell on the recent K.D tour so there you go. We went on tour for a month with only twenty something CDs to sell, which is ridiculous. We sold them all though ha ha

I have just read on your website that the drummer (Vegard) has left the band because he couldn’t dedicate himself for 100% to the band, does this mean that you will be quit for a while or do you already have a replacement in mind?

I hope not, because we have a Norwegian mini tour with Paul Dianno coming up this October so we ought to have a new drummer by then. It’s a sad thing that Vegard left, though. We love him very much and the chemistry was very good. I’m glad we did the K.D tour together before he went… He works as a manager for some very successful Norwegian bands so he is a very busy man. We wish him all the best.

How did the European tour went with King Diamond?

hat was an absolute blast! The K.D band and crew treated us like kings, our support buddies Griffin were very cool to travel with, our bus driver was the stuff of legends and the crowds were amazing. East Europe was a revelation and more bands should gig there because its INSANE over there… Very, very cool indeed.

And finally, do you have something to say to our readers?
Just keep on rockin’ and be good to yourselves, people. Oh, and buy the new album and make some (four as for now, to be precise) scruffy rockers in Norway very happy. See ya!

Thanks, and metal on!

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