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Thanasis Lightbridge

Dol Ammad

Date: 2006-11-01 16:27:07
First of all I want to congratulate you with the new album Ocean Dynamics. It is a very good album.

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you've liked the album and I must say that we are very proud of our second CD "Ocean Dynamics". I think it is updated in all its aspects and it perfectly portrays the band's maturity and evolution.

Is Thanasis Lightbridge your real name or is it just an artists?

It is true that I have self-baptized me as "Lightbridge". It is a name I love and has deep meanings for me. It would be the name I would have chosen for me should I have the intellectual and creative capabilities back when I was a baby ;-P

Did the recordings went well?

The recordings were an excellent experience once again. We have a slightly bigger choir this time and had a great time with all the participants. We have upgraded our studio and I think we have improved the sound quality of all sources and also the final mixdown and mastering. What was also very special with the recordings this time was that I invited drummer Alex Holzwarth to my studio and had a much greater control over the drum recordings and also had some awesome time together! The studio also had another great guest all the way from Pittsburgh USA, mr DC Cooper, one of my all time favorite singers! We recorded 2 songs with DC, one of which is the powerfull "Aquatic Majesty" as featured in "Ocean Dynamics" while the other will appear in an upcoming Dol Ammad EP.

On your site stands Ocean Dynamics choir and Star Tales choir, are there different members inside these choirs? And if yes, what was the reason.

Yes, the choirs of the the albums are a bit different. It is nothing personal, it is just that some members were abroad and were unable to take part in the recording schedule. Dol Ammad also have a new guitarist. His name is Dim and we are certainly going to hear a lot from him in the future.

When I first listened to it I heard some influences of Vangelis in the music. Are you inspired by his music, or others in the genre?

Cool, that's great to hear! Vangelis is indeed one of my biggest influences and I admire him both as an artist and as a personality. I am a big fan of the genre he represents, which should be "new age" as some like to call it, and have also grown up with artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Mike Oldfield, Enigma etc.

Are you fan of science fiction like Star Wars or Star Trek?

Of course! I am sucker for all things related to Star Wars, Star Trek and to science fiction generally. Especially mr Lucas' creation though is one of the greatest examples of the endless capabilities of the human imagination. What a great movie the last Episode III was! I can't wait for the Star Wars TV series!

The label you've signed, Electronicartmetal, is that your own label or is it just a starting label? And if it is a sarting one, what made you go for them?

Electronicartmetal is our personal, newly formed label. Me and some friends decided to form a personal label for Dol Ammad and the rest of my music coming up in the near future, because I felt that this is the best way to go after judging the current situation of the music business. We were signed to Black Lotus Records which went bankrupt and after months of only poor offers from other labels, we gave it a lot of thought and decided that this should be our next step. Up to now, I haven't looked back!

Do you have intentions of touring with Dol Ammad?

That's one of the hardest questions to answer and I get this asked a lot. I am afraid we still don't have the budget to support a potential Dol Ammad tour. We are a huge band (the last album features 19 members) and that creates some big problems. Apart from that I am still not sure how this kind of music could be presented in a live form... It's highly descriptive and would require special equipment and visuals to recreate the spacey atmosphere... It is something I really want to do and always have in my mind but I still can't promise anything.

Can you tell something about how you see Dol Ammad in the near future?

The near future for Dol Ammad should be the aforementioned EP which will feature the second song we did with DC Cooper together with some special unreleased tracks that should be kept secret for now!

And far?

My next music step, as I also announced in the booklet of "Ocean Dynamics" is my second project with which I am very excited about! It will be an evolution, a different view of the world of Electronic Art Metal and I am sure most fans of Dol Ammad will also enjoy. We will unveil more details as we progress with the recordings.

Do you have any words to say to the Digital Steel readers?

I would like to thank all the readers of Digital Steel for their interest! I urge them to check out "Ocean Dynamics" and Dol Ammad if they are looking for fresh new sounds in the heavy metal world. Countless aural adventures await you! Check out our site and our Myspace

Thank you for your time, and may the force be with you..

Thank you very much Kasper for your support and this interview! We wish all the best to Digital Steel and may the force be with you too! :P Space On!


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