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Tom and Libor


Date: 2008-11-02 09:08:04
Interview: Symphonity – Voice from the Silence

Answered by Libor (guitar) and Tom (bass)

OK, for starters let’s clear all doubts about namechanging in the past: can (Otter and) Nemesis be compared with Symphonity or should I ask: What’s the big difference?

Tom: It's not just about the names. Actually, the musicianship of Symphonity has not so many common things with the beginnings of Otter and Nemesis and we consider it rather as a new band. I mean, our music combined with some new members has moved to a different level.

Should the album ‘Voice from the Silence’ therefore be seen as a second album or a debut and a clean break with the past?

Tom: I think, definitely, ‘Voice from the Silence’ should be seen as a debut. We all like the Nemesis album, but as I said before, we look at Symphonity as a new band.
Libor: It depends how you look at it. Symphonity is a successor of Nemesis and Otter, but with a different line-up. So the brand new album is a debut of band called Symphonity or the second album overall.

I read that Limb Music Products offered you a contract right away! What’s your secret?

Tom: Hmm, I think there is no secret. I would say that we were in the right time at the right place. The connection of Limb with Olaf via Luca Turilli’s albums could surely also play its role, but I believe that primarily some quality persuade the representatives of LMP.

Could you tell me how the Czech-German connection with singer Olaf came together? And of course how it’s turning out?

Libor: I sent an e-mail to Olaf with some demos of the new songs. Fortunately, he replied me and asked for a CD with all songs as well as our debut CD. Olaf liked it and had an interest to work with us. For labels, we prepared together five songs promo CD. After we signed a contract with Limb we finished the rest of the CD. In the meantime DIONYSUS split and Olaf became a part of SYMPHONITY as a regular member.

The mix was done by Sascha Paeth, not an unknown producer in (German) metal land. Is there some sort of Luca Turilli-connection because of Olaf Hayer?

Tom: Yes, Olaf knows Sascha very well. When we were looking for someone who will do the final mix Sascha was the natural choice because of connection with Olaf.
Libor: Sascha is an absolute professional and very nice guy. All from the band and label are really satisfied with Sascha’s mix and this is very important for us.

Libor Krivak did the production. Is he the leader of the band?

Tom: Yes, he is, but we are not in that despotic position “I’m the mastermind and you are here to fill up my visions”. I think there is certain harmony in Libor's attitude to song-writing and my and Ivo’s greater distance from the metal music. Each of us has played different styles of music, and all of these are included in our songs. This means that Libor composes a lot of melody not only in vocal lines. Guitars alternate melodic voices and power chords, bass often plays contrapunctual lines and keyboards fly over it.
Libor: Someone must be:-) But the frontman is Olaf, naturally. He is a singer and his voice is something like an identification mark.

Can you tell me something about the input in the songwriting and the lyrics of all bandmembers?

Tom: Libor usually brings the frame of the song, i.e. the guitar parts and the vocal line. Then Ivo and me do our parts and finally we arrange it together. Regarding lyrics, from the band, only Olaf writes lyrics and he is credited under two lyrics on Voice from the Silence. The rest of the songs were written by our friends, external lyricists.
Libor: It depends on songs. Sometimes I prepare a motive with all instruments on my computer and next time I’m playing some guitar riff only in the rehearsal room and we are working together. On the next album we plan to work more like the band than before. Also Olaf's input is supposed to be much bigger, so we will see.

I thought that the longer songs on the album Gates of Fantasy, The Silence part II and Evening Star are also the best ones. What’s your opinion about that or should I ask, what is the musical direction that Symphonity wants?

Tom: Personally, I don’t distinguish between the short songs and longer ones very. The only criterion is “I like it or not”. You know, everybody likes a different type of songs. So it's hard to say, this song is the best one.
Libor: I like the long songs as well as the short ones. Problem with long songs is that they are never played entirely on the radios. Especially, long instrumental parts are boring for mainstream listeners. But metal fans like the long compositions, so we composed both.

The tourdates on your website weren’t filled last time I looked. Any concrete plans in that direction? And if you had the chance to lift with a bigger bandname on a tour, who would be your favourites? Would you like to add anything?

Tom: Of course, there are some plans, but nothing confirmed yet. We are in touch with some booking agencies, so we will see.
Libor: In the near future we would like to go for tour as an opener for some better known band. Of course, it will depend on the sales and many others things.

Thank you in advance for taking the time for the interview,

Greetz Kojak,

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