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Sean Peck


Date: 2009-07-01 22:18:16
Well, maybe my next interview partner Sean Peck is with his band CAGE responsible for the title of best Metal album of 2009. The album ‘Science Of Annihilation’ has in my eyes everything power metal should have. But I suggest that you read my review for that part, so that we can directly fire some questions to the lead singer of CAGE.

Hello Sean ! How are you doing right now ?

Already hard at work on hopefully the best metal album of 2010 right now. The metal laboratory is in full swing right now. We have a lot of momentum with this new release but want to have another one out by Summer 2010.

Ok, well you just toured across Europe with CAGE. How was that and where there some ‘non-forgettable’ moments on this tour or went everything just like it supposed to be ?

Everything went much better than expected but the Czech republic shows and cancelled Poland show were a bummer. The promoter flaked out on us and really put us in a jam but in classic CAGE fashion we booked our own shows for those dates and made it actually really cool through that little period of time.-

With ‘Science Of Annihilation’ you have just made a brilliant power metal album. Honestly I think it is the best CAGE album until now. How did the writing and recording process take place ?

It was probably the hardest one to write as I needed some direction and an ability to tie everything together. This album lyricaly had the most fiction I have ever done but I stuck to some classic metal themes and things really came together at the end. Me Anthony and Dave wrote everything with Norm doing the drums. Norm Leggio was a great addition as a drummer and allowed us to increase the speed and technicality which definitely had a major effect on the final result. The science trilogy was the last song we wrote and it really brought the whole package together nicely. After we were done the artwork really made the package a complete metal assault and the fans and critics seem to agree with you that it is our best release to date.

The ‘black metal grunts’ are gone and we here a really aggressive singing Sean Peck on this new album. What is your secret to keep your voice in good shape for the recording process and the concerts that are following to support the album. I mean, last year I was singing the whole concert from Judas Priest along with Rob Halford, and after that night I wasn’t able to speak out loud for two days. So how do you do that ?

Well the tour we just did was really my first test of that magnitude. I did 14 shows in 17 days and maintained a very high level so I was excited that I could do it. I just followed some advice from some of my friends like get out of the wet clothes after the show, drink lots of water and keep my speaking and talking to a minimum after the show. It all really worked and I was able to completely remove the stress of worrying if you can sing that night with this regiment. The live reviews have been great so we floored people who are fans of our style and me being able to sing is a real key to that.

Do you know the album ‘Doomsday for the Deceiver’ from Flotsam and Jetsam ? Because when I listened to your song ‘Speed Kills’ that was the album that came immediately in my mind. Do you have any other influences yourself ?

A lot of people have been saying that but I have never heard it and I wrote the majority of that song so I am innocent of ripping them off. I have to get that now and check it out. That song really went over great live! My influences are all the classic stuff like the first 2 Crimson Glory albums, good Savatage, Lizzy Borden, Metal Church, Priest and Halford of course, Maiden, WASP, Testament, and some other select stuff oh yes Riot and King Diamond.

Do you still got some time for your other hobby’s like snowboarding, playing poker and of course the San Diego Chargers ?

I just won a big poker tournament which I was very happy about, Snowboarding used to be all I did and it is a great sport when you get good at it and can launch 50 meter huge jumps and drop off massive cliffs. I play indoor soccer a lot now and just won the local championship in a shootout that I played goalie in. I stopped every kick it was awesome! The Chargers are a definite passion and I think this is the year for them to win it all. I stay really busy and have fun with the band and all the other stuff I do. Next tour in Europe I want to play some cards there. I did not get to this trip. I want to take all the bands merch money and see them sweat as I gamble it away!! Ha!!

Ok Sean, there are some last short questions here left. Here they come !
What is the last videogame you have played and what was the last videogame that you have played and really reached the end of ? Because when I play a videogame I always get stucked somewhere in a level and never come out of it …

Wow, I think Call of Duty 3 and 4. I understand your frustration as getting stuck sucks. I have a shelf full of great games that I have never returned to because like you, I get stuck somewhere. The wii ( which I hate) has a new feature coming out where the computer will autoplay a part for you if you get stuck. I am big into video games and used to go to E3 all the time. The interior artist for the booklet on SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION works for Rock Star games so I have lots of friends in the industry that are CAGE followers.

Do you have anytime left for reading books and if so what is the last book you have read ?
I just read the Terminator prequel on the tour. It was weak. I don’t read much besides comic books and metal webzines.
What was the last movie you have seen ? (at home or at the cinema)

I just saw Wolverine and Star Trek which were killer. I loved Trek. People need to see Outlander which is like a mix between Predator and Lord of the Rings. Super sick!

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought ?

The last album I bought was Pantera’s Power metal! That was when they were good. The first one was Flock of Seagulls first one I think. That or Fleetwood Mac.

Do you have anything left to say to the readers of Digital Steel ?

Thanks for the Love. Keep in touch with us at www.myspace.com/cageheavymetal and www.cageheavymetal.com we are hard at work to keep the flame alive for this genre of music and it is becoming more and more evident that there are few left who are able to truly capture that magic that made me fall in love with the sound in the first place. So we will go onward to conquer! We have some new powerful management that will see CAGE making major strides in the next few months so keep in touch all of you please!

Ok Sean, thank you for your time and good luck in the future with CAGE. If you keep delivering albums like ‘Science Of Annihilation’ that wouldn’t be a problem in my opinion.

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